Workspace Ideas

We’re in the business of helping offices achieve their interior potential. That doesn’t mean we’re not averse to handing out some top tips and ideas from time to time.

Podcrunch is of the opinion that ideas are much better than tips. Why? Because ideas are much more open to customisation and fruitful gains than tips. So what type of ideas are we talking about? Read on to find out.

  • Colour correctly
    You’ll often read about the idea that a work space should be nothing by bright and spacious. A lot of modern offices tack on to this by having lightly lit rooms and light carpets. Sometimes though it is better to go dark. If you’re office has a space for relaxation and unwinding, mute the tones and darken up the floor as it helps people to unwind much better.

  • Visualise past your space
    Your office might be just four walls with windows, but not taking advantage of what is beyond it can help. If your office for example has windows facing a park or green space, make sure the desks and workers are facing that way. A positive image can help create higher level of stimulation and efficiency.

  • Think of your market
    We helped Fulfords Tavistock to remodel part of their office to better a sense of flow. With it being a mixture of an administrative room and somewhere customers meet up, having the function clear cut, rather than muddled is a massive help for the efficiency of an office. Looking for a prime example of this? Consider a fast food restaurant on the high street. They have a defined area, but the majority of the space is trying to entice a customer instead of focussing on the transaction.

  • Have an idea space
    Even though we’re dishing out these ideas, its important there is somewhere in your office that ideas can be seen by others. Whether it’s a small erase board on a fridge, or a wall of post it notes by the door, having a place everyone can take a moment to look at and see ideas can be a massive boost to workload.