Changing your office or booth doesn’t have to involve getting that expensive office chair that promises to revolutionise the way you sit, or a mouse that has more functions and side buttons than a rotary phone.

We have a few easy fixes for how to make your workspace feel more personal and productive to work in.

  • Photos, plenty of photos
    Gone are the days of simply putting a portrait of the family/dog in the corner that you’ll forget about quickly. Use an online photo shop and print many photos that you can hang up in different parts. It helps bring a bit of focus as to why you’re there in the first place.

  • Brighten Up
    Our you walls a boring beige? We’re not saying you should paint it all a neon glow, but punctuate the space with injections of colour here and there. It will really help your creative side and be a positive influence on your energy and productivity.

  • Chart your Ups & Downs
    This works well if you’re in a pod. Make a custom chart of how many times you get up out of your seat every day. Instead of being static all day long and having your body feel like a dead weight, moving can get the blood pumping in the right way and make you feel more active. Standing up for a minute or two as well is great for posture.

  • Keep the staples stable
    It might be the most obvious rule to follow, but you really should organise stationery at your desk. Keep it out of sight though and neatly arrange it in a drawer. Why? Because more space on your work area means less distraction, and if you’ve never hit a mental block and starting squeezing a stapler, you haven’t lived.

  • Move your feet
    Even when you’re sitting, it helps to stay active so move those feet about. A static body is never good for thinking or solving problems.

  • Keep Listening
    This isn’t a recommendation to pop in headphones and zone out. If you’re near a window, open it and let the sound of the outside be the soundtrack to your day. It adds a better environment than blasting music that’s too loud through your eardrums.

    (This tip came from our friends at Thorpe Bay estate agency)