Maximising productivity

Looking for way to make your little corner of the office in to a place of positivity? Follow these four steps and you’ll soon be on your way to office enlightenment.

1. Water, Water Everywhere
So go and take a drink. There’s only so much coffee you can drink a day, but never enough time for water. Always have a bottle or glass of water at your desk. You mightn’t think it makes much difference, but you’ll feel better off sitting down the more you hydrate.

2. Power Down
Trick your brain in to really making the separation between work life and private life by remembering to power down every night. By making sure that last minute or two of work is all about knocking off your computer and making sure everything else is switched off, you’ll have a clearer mind heading home. And you’re saving energy too.

3. Write it down
We dread t think of how much time is wasted trying to remember ideas in the booth? Writing down everything might sound like a lot of work, but it’s a great tactic for remember points later in the day and won’t have you stumped as to what you’re course of action was going to be.

4. Get Airy
Feel yourself getting lower and lower down in your seat? Perk up by taking as little as a minute outside. A bit of fresh air is the perfect refresher and way to make sure your concentration won’t lapse and an excuse to feel more relaxed when you return to your desk.